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Tara Paintanida-Kelly Since my horse, Primo and I have lived in three different states in our six years together, we have had our share of boarding situations. When we moved to New York in the fall of 2010, I was lucky enough to get Primo into Evergreen Stables. If you are looking for a snooty show barn, where everyone judges your tack and clothes, you should keep looking; Evergreen is not for you. But if you want a comfortable friendly barn, where you know your horse is safe and happy, then Evergreen is the place. My job requires quite a bit of travel, and I rest easy knowing that Primo is in good hands, whether I’m in town or not.


Liz Hurlburt I’ve been riding at Evergreen Stables for three years now, and boarding for one. This barn feels like a second home to me, and I know my horse is always well taken care of. When I came to Evergreen I was afraid of any horse I sat on, despite riding for years beforehand. After a year of lessons at Evergreen, I felt confident enough to take on a horse that was everything I feared. I now own this horse and board at Evergreen, and I could not be happier with every aspect of the stable.


Michael Glisson

I've been riding at Evergreen since coming to RIT as a freshman. I came in having no experience riding Western or English. After three years, my hard work has certainly paid off and I am a much better rider thanks to the lessons taken with Jenn. The horses at Evergreen allow a rider to truly learn how to ride, and Jenn is there to help you every step of the way. I firmly believe that an ability to ride any just about any horse and compensate for their flaws is what makes a great rider. I recommend riding at Evergreen to anyone who enjoys riding and learning, regardless of their experience level.


Breanna Jewell

I am an RIT student and I've been riding with Jenn for the past two years since I was a freshman. I only had a few lessons before I came to school, but the rest of the time Jenn has taught me everything I know about riding. The horses at Evergreen are all unique and I have learned something different from each one. I recently qualified for IHSA Semi-finals with RIT's Western Equestrian team, and had travelled to California for them. The horse I drew to ride had a few quirks that made him a more difficult ride than others but since I had been riding the horses at Evergreen with the same quirks, I was fully capable of riding him and placed 9th out of 15. Having the experience riding with Jenn definitely helped me manage this horse. I know I would not have placed as well a I did without riding the horses she has and the show would have been much more challenging without the experience I gained. I am definitely continuing to ride with Jenn at Evergreen, and I would recommend riding there to anyone who enjoys riding and learning, regardless of their experience level.


Allie Horton

I have been taking lessons at Evergreen Stables since the end of January ('13). I love every minute I spend here. Jennifer and Barb put everything they have into their lessons and their horses. I can honestly say that every time I come here, I always learn something new. Jennifer definitely knows how to make you the best rider possible and tailors each lesson to your needs. I love that this place treats their horses and riders with the utmost respect! This is definitely the place to become a better rider, and have fun while doing so!


Saundra Peters

I started going to Evergreen Stables when a good friend started lessons there. When my friend moved out of town I stayed with Evergreen. The semi-private lessons are for two to three people, so the instruction is always tailored to the individual rider; the instructors are knowledgeable and approachable for questions; and they are willing to teach about horse care in addition to just horseback riding. This is a real benefit for anyone who is considering horse ownership! This is a great environment for horse boarding too - the horses are extremely well cared for, there are some trails around the property for riding, and there is an indoor ring for rainy day horsemanship.


Linda Gathmann

A wonderful small stable. I boarded at Evergreen when leasing a camp horse for my kid - the horse turned out to be a challenge and Jenn (barn manager) helped us work through some health issues and behavior issues without charging us an arm and a leg. Jenn is extremely experienced and caring - she feeds several times a day, ideal for a horse, and there is plenty of room for the horses to run and play, but a nice comfy stable for them at night or in bad weather. This is a true horse stable, not some converted cow barn! And Jenn is always willing to show you what else you could do when you are working with or caring for your horse. They have a great lesson program (English and Western) for kids or adults plus an indoor arena for wet weather. You can trail ride around the area to some extent and the Genesee Valley Greenway isn't far away, either. A good, solid, small barn that will give you and your horse the personal attention you deserve. When we get that forever horse we are dreaming of, it will definitely live at Evergreen!


Allison Pytlak

I board at Evergreen and I can say this is one of the best barns for the price! I've been to some barns that now charge at least 2x as much and take lesser care of the horses. Great lesson program for beginner riders, youth and adult. Opportunities for showing at whatever level you want. The owners work with you and are very helpful. For example, I needed to switch my horse to a different grain, Jenn (barn manager) did some research and picks up one separate feed for my one horse at no extra charge! The barn farrier is around the corner and so economically priced, while still doing top notch work (my master shoe puller has yet to pull one in almost a year!). They won't hike up the prices year after year like some other local barns and the horses are still healthy and happy. They will not nickel and dime you for every service they provide. I get notified by phone if the my horse is the littlest "off." Great, friendly people to work with, great barn to be at. No barn brats running underfoot, generally an adult boarding facility.


Martha LaDue

This has got to be the best barn I have ever ridden at! They take the best care of their horses and above all they love them more than anything! I have been riding at this barn for about 6 years now, and I don't plan on leaving any time soon! They are my second family!! Their lesson program is very organized and you get a lot of them. If you aren't ready to move up a level, they won't push you, they will take their time and move you up when you are ready. All in all this is the best barn to learn to ride or just work on some stuff!