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Lesson Information

Rider on lesson horse jumping a cross-rail jump in the indoor arena

One of our daughters jumping Rosemary

We offer Western riding lessons. We start horseback riding lessons at age 9, though older children are able to learn more, and learn more rapidly. Adult Students are also very welcome to start up horseback riding lessons. You are not too old to start. We have safe lesson horses that will teach you what you need to know about how to control the horse in many situations. Our emphasis is on the equitation (how you look and ride the horse) of the rider. We believe that if the rider has good equitation, then the rider could ride most any horse or discipline.

Our horseback riding lessons are only private (1 rider) or semi-private (2 or 3 riders) lessons. We rarely do group lessons (more than 3 riders). You can have a horseback riding lesson on your horse or one of our lesson horses. It’s $45 for a 45 minute semi-private (2-3 riders) lesson or $60 for a 45 minute private lesson. We teach everyone how to tack, untack and care for the horse. That includes, grooming, tacking, warming up, riding, and cooling down your horse. We want you learn how to take care of a horse in the event you would ever want to buy one or even lease.


Winter scene with large snowdrift

We teach horseback riding lessons year round but we do cancel when the weather is too hot or too cold. Generally when the temperature is below 20 degrees and above 85 degrees. Of course, if you have to cancel for any reason, let us know as soon as possible. Please check the first page of this website or on Facebook and Instagram for any cancellations and other topics of interest.


Lesson indoors

We have horseback riding lessons during the week in the evening for most everyone's convenience. Lessons are Monday through Friday from 5pm-8pm. Please call, text or email for availability. Horseback riding lessons are usually once a week, for as many weeks as you would like to do. Keep coming and taking lessons, but let us know if things change. There are no sessions to sign up for. You are also welcome to come watch a lesson before taking any. Just let us know and we can tell you when lessons are going on.


A student riding Danny English

Linda riding aladdin

a Student riding Aladdin Western

Riding Apparel

TuffRider Women's front zip paddock boot
TuffRider Women's Start Front Zip Paddock Boot

Minimal equipment is needed to start taking horseback riding lessons.

  • We provide riding helmets.
  • Long pants are a must. Jeans are usually the easy solution.
  • A boot with a heel is required. You don't have to get official riding boots.
  • You are welcome to wear chaps (long or half), breeches or jodhpurs.
not boots
Please do not wear these while riding

Show Pictures

Pat riding Jack at a horse show Sarah riding Strider at a horse show

Lesson Horses


Here is a basic list of our lesson horses that we have here at Evergreen Stables


Aladdin: March 15th, 2005, 15.2H, Black, Thoroughbred Gelding Rides English and Western. Turning into a nice beginner horse who has been great with all riders. Enjoys being ridden and getting out of his stall to be ridden in the arena or going on trail rides.


Cutter: Born in 1993, 14.1 Hands, "black", PasoFino cross Gelding Rides English and Western but prefers Western. A wonderful bombproof beginner horse with the smoothest canter/lope around. Super slow. Loves to be groomed and go on trail rides.


Danny: Born about 1998, 16 Hands, Chestnut, Criollo/Hanovarian Cross Gelding Rides English and Western. He likes to be ridden by more advanced students but will take a more experienced beginner around the arena. Don't let his age fool you. He still looks and feels like he's 10.


Happy: Born March 2000, 14.2 Hands, Black and White, Paint Mare Rides English and western. Overall good beginner horse who knows what she needs to do for most riders and more fun for the advanced students as well.


Mac: Born Feb 2001, 16 Hands, Bay, Thoroughbred Gelding More Advanced English horse. He needs someone confident to ride him. He can ride in a western saddle too.


Rosemary: Born April 30th, 2000, 15.2 Hands, Chestnut, Quarter Horse/Paint Mare Rides English and western. She does both equally well. She loves to teach walk-jog beginner students.


Sage: May 20th, 2006, 15 Hands, Cremello, Paint Gelding Rides both Western and English. He's a forward horse that advanced riders enjoy. Hes a wonderful ranch riding horse.


Strider: Born about 1994, 16.3 Hands, Bay, Thoroughbred Gelding rides English and western. Mostly retired but will do the occasional lesson and the occasional trail ride.


Our barn kitty, Autumn. Loves to be petted and loved on. Will lay in your lap while you watch lessons.