Evergreen Stables Equestrian Center in Scottsville, NY with evergreen trees

Boarding Overview

Rider on lesson horse jumping a cross-rail jump in the indoor arena

We offer full care horse boarding only. No partial care or self care. We take care of all your horses needs. Call, text or email for availability.

Our emphasis is on horsemanship and all natural horse care. All horses are treated as if they are our own, with love and care. We also try to simulate the most natural way a horse lives. Horses' welfare comes first. The full care horse boarding service includes three times a day grain and hay feedings and more often hay throughout the day during turnout or when they are left inside due to weather. Group turnouts simulate some of the same natural herd tendencies, but still keeping the genders mostly separate to help discourage any misbehavior.


Winter scene with large snowdrift

We have our own barn vet and barn farrier. You don't need to worry about appointments, we will set up appointments and your horse will be taken care of. You don't have to be there to hold your horse, we will do that for you without extra charge.

Looking for a horse? We can help you purchase a horse and help you learn how to care for its needs.

We also offer short term horse boarding services. If you would like a place to ride, but don't have a place to do so, feel free to board your horse here for a few months. Call or email for availability.

No long term contracts required but a general contract for 30 days is. We need 30 days notice or pay before leaving.

Facility and Care

Indoor Arena in fall
Indoor Arena
Indoor Arena inside
Indoor Arena

We pride ourselves on having a quiet family run stable that will make sure your horse's welfare is thought of first. As long as you own a horse, we don't care what you ride, English, western, dressage, etc. We accept any discipline. Sorry our only exception is stallions. We do not have the extra space and care needed for them

We have a heated Tack Room for all your equipment. Most importantly we have a new innovative Indoor Arena 72' X 120', built in 1999 and a new cover in 2013. It is a "Cover All" building which looks much like a greenhouse, and never needs lights on in the daylight hours. In the winter it gets about 10 degrees warmer than most other non-heated riding arenas. It is a very bright building, even at night there are no dark areas for your horse to spook at with our LED lights newly installed. Come check it out.

We have a few outdoor arenas that you may use as well. Front outdoor grass ring is approximately 70' x 200', a 80' x 150' grass ring, and an 80' grass round pen and two 1.5 acre outdoor paddocks you may ride in as well or you can ride anywhere on our property. We even have a few cut trails around the property.

We also have a 20' x 20' square recovery pasture, great for short term injuries. If your horse needs to rest but you would still like him/her to get out, they can be put in that small pasture which is adjacent to another pasture. There they will be provided hay and water and company next to them if you wish.

We have lessons every day of the week excluding Sundays, when there are no regular lessons, but the barn is open to the boarders and to those who lease a horse. The barn is open all year including holidays from 9 AM to 9 PM. Boarders are allowed to ride with the lessons but lesson students have the right of way. Also, boarders do not have to take lessons, nor have any training when you stay here, but are available if desired.

Please Visit Us!! All you need to do is call, text or email us. We will be happy to show you around.

clean stall
Our Stalls
back pasture
Our Back Pasture
front pasture
One of our front Pasture

Facility and Care

driveway in fall
Our Driveway
Our Barn Aisle

At Evergreen Stables we provide horseback riding lessons and full care Horse Boarding. The main barn has 11' x 11' box stalls matted and bedded with shavings and cleaned daily. The newest barn and the indoor arena were built in 1999, made especially with horses in mind and are both are bright and airy. Just updated new LED lights make our barn even brighter on those dark winter days.

We make sure you horses have blankets or fly masks on during appropriate seasons. Need fly sheets? or fly masks on year round? We can do that. We want your horse to be comfortable.

Horses here at our stables are provided with natural horse care which includes grain and hay three times a day. Instead of the usual two times a day, we split the same amount of grain into three portions instead of just twice. They are provided with hay also during that time. Supplements can also be given at no extra charge so long as you provide them.

During the day they are turned out, weather permitting, in a group herd with personalities separated into different pastures. We evaluate each horse as they arrive and place them into the appropriate pasture. They can interact with each other over the fence, but only if they choose to. They will be provided more hay, individual flakes, not round bales, or grass depending on the time of year.

One of our trails
Our Back Pasture